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Are We Globalists Really Godless People?

Globalism, elitism, populism and God.

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America and the Common Man: RIP?

When the “common man” dies, the United States of America that the world marveled at for 250 years dies with him.

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Russia’s Elites and the “Crowded Streetcar Effect”

To preserve their gains, will Russia’s oligarchs now demand a strong rule of law?

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U.S. Spying and Europe’s Disillusioned Pro-American Elites

Why are some of Europe’s pro-American elites now wondering whether they got it wrong?

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Weakened West or Triumph of Democracy?

In a triumph of Western democracy, the interventionist impulses of US and UK are cut down to size.

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The Rise of the Plutocrats

Why have Americans been so tolerant of the rising gulf between rich and poor?

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Ringfencing Greece

Is Europe’s primary goal to fix Greece — or to keep Greece from contaminating the rest of Europe?

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Are You a Minister? (Or: It’s All About the Money, Stupid!)

An amazing conversation on the role and responsibility of elites in the U.S. capital.

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Justice in Latin America: The Cinderella of Reform

How has Latin America’s justice system managed to escape much needed reforms?

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Anti-Globalization and the U.S. Middle Class

Are more Americans turning against global integration with U.S. jobs going abroad?

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