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Germany and France: Stick Together on Greece

How will the end game on Greece’s proposals play out?

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Greece: The Franco-German Split Over “Solidarity” in Europe

Why are Europe’s two key economies so deeply divided over this issue?

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France’s Message to Germany: Back to the 19th Century?

France takes exception to the words of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

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France’s Sudden Chinese Impulses

Why is the French finance minister invoking other cultures’ diplomatic style to defend France?

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German Diplomacy and French Intransigence

Have German politicians finally learned the art of diplomacy?

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Marianne and Brunhilde: Reflections on France and Germany in Europe (Part II)

Can the EU overcome the differences in style and substance between its two key members — France and Germany?

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Marianne and Brunhilde: Reflections on France and Germany in Europe (Part I)

Are France and Germany so vital to the EU precisely because they disagree on virtually everything?

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Attacking Germany Won’t Create French Jobs

Is it wise for the French to display inertia on economic reforms, while hoping for the election of a new German government? The UK’s former Minister for Europe weighs in.

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The French Revolution and Modern Germany

How did Germany link its own ideas to those emerging from France, North America and South America in the late 18th and 19th centuries?

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France’s Epoch-Making Choice

Will Francois Hollande choose to make France like Germany or to make France like Italy?

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