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Shunning Egypt’s Al Sisi?

The West was not only happy to flirt with Mubarak. It is also still in bed with plenty of bad guys.

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s Solo Rule: Can it Last?

The strongman drives Egypt like a racecar, but in the wrong direction.

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Russia and Egypt: Stunning Parallels

A key comparison on the global relevance of the slow-motion Arab Spring.

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Elections Do Not Make Democracy

Should the U.S. continue to support autocratic regimes, wherever they provide for a stable geopolitical situation?

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Egypt and Syria: Beyond Repair

What do an insolvent Egypt and a disintegrating Syria mean for the governance of the Middle East?

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The United States in Egypt: A Fully Hedged Position

How is Washington simultaneously pursuing democratization and a restoration of military rule in Egypt?

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Discounting the Finances of Egypt

Could Egypt’s economic and financial problems be even worse than the political ones?

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Egypt One Year Later: Going the Way of Iraq?

Why is Iraq’s democratic transition a less-than-perfect model for Egypt?

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The Egyptian Military Is Lifting Its Mask

Can Egypt’s military be trusted to allow democracy to take root in the country?

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The Terrorism Endgame: Lessons from the War on Anarchy (Part II)

Will the threat of terrorism fade away, much as the threat of radical anarchy did over a century ago?

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