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An Evolving American Language

The American language becomes inclusive, gender neutral and racialized, as well as ugly and inaccurate.

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Countries with 50 Million Native Speakers Each

More than 20 languages are spoken as a first language by 50 million or more people.

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The Most Widely Spoken Language

Which language has entered common usage in the greatest number of countries?

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Over 400 Languages: India and the United States

The world’s second- and third-most populous countries share a linguistic diversity.

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One Country, More than 800 Languages

What are the three most linguistically-diverse countries today?

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Hillary Clinton and the Art of Defending American Power Linguistically

Why are even America’s self-acclaimed liberal internationalists still so keen on being top dog? Will John Kerry follow in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps on this issue?

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Chinese Lessons

As compared to the China of a quarter century ago, what has since changed — and what remains the same?

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