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Amidst the War, Find Music on the West Bank

Hidden within Palestine’s contested West Bank, one man brings joy through music to the local people.

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U2’s Activism: From Innocence to Experience

How an Irish rock band turned raw activism into a refined lobby for good.

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Blind Women Make Music in Egypt

A government program in Egypt helps educate and train young blind woman as classical musicians.

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9 Facts: Beethoven for the World

Beethoven’s music helped fundamentally reshape the way we experience music.

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China’s New Cultural Counter-Revolution

Remember the times when peasants, not the proletariat, were the vanguards of China’s communist revolution?

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Elikeh: Music From Togo to D.C.

Adje! Adje! explores the personal odysseys of Africans abroad.

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Orchestra Baobab — Senegal’s Resurrection

Has world music finally caught up with Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab?

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Last Balkan Tango

How does a Serbian musician build bridges to his Hungarian neighbors?

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Japan's Yoshida Brothers

How do two Japanese brothers combine traditional Chinese music with global dance beats?

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Ghana — Highlife in Low Times

Can the joyous sounds of Ghana’s highlife music break free from the shackles of the county’s turbulent politics?

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