Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy at the IMD Business School


Jean-Pierre Lehmann (1946-2017) was an emeritus professor of international political economy at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He also served currently a visiting professor on the Faculty of Business and Economics at Hong Kong University.

He was also a Contributing Editor at The Globalist, where he published around 60 articles. One of his all-time great articles was a six-part series “China In My Life: A Personal History.”

Previous academic appointments include Sophia University (Tokyo), Oxford, Stirling University (UK), Tohoku University (Japan) INSEAD (France), School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (Bologna Campus), London Business School, and the Stockholm School of Economics.

In 1995, Mr. Lehmann founded the Evian Group, an international coalition of corporate, government and opinion leaders. It is united by a common vision of enhancing global prosperity for the benefit of all by fostering an open, inclusive, sustainable and equitable global market economy in a rules-based multilateral framework.

His doctoral thesis was on Japanese history and technology transfer during the period of transformation in the mid/late 19th century. He has spent most of his professional life working in and on East and South Asia. In the course of the last decade, he has also become actively involved in projects in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

He acts in various leading capacities in a number of global public policy institutions, as an adviser to governments and corporations, on the editorial board of various journals and as a frequent commentator in the international media.

He is the author of several books and numerous articles. His latest book, co-edited with his son Fabrice Lehmann, is Peace and Prosperity through World Trade: Achieving the 2019 Vision (Cambridge, 2010). He also writes a monthly column for China Entrepreneurs Magazine.

Jean-Pierre Lehmann earned a B.S. degree at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, and his D.Phil. at Oxford University.

Photo credit: Oh Jaehyuk – World Economic Forum

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