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Alzheimer’s: An Artistic View

Syrian-American photographer Bachar Azmeh gives his artistic interpretation of what happens in the brains of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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Working the Ranch in Montana

Following in the footsteps of her ancestors, Megan herds cattle on a 2,000 acre ranch in Montana.

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Women’s Rights in Ghana: Protecting Widows

Akumaa Mama Zimbi helps widows in Ghana preserve their land and their rights.

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A Story of Poverty in New York City

A young couple in New York City try to panhandle enough money to raise a child.

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The Homeless in Tokyo: An Understated Issue

Homeless people in Tokyo number more than the government wants to admit and sleep in the shadow of City Hall.

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Minorities in Vietnam: The Muslim Champa People

The beautiful rituals of the Champa people in Vietnam.

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Aborigines in Australia: Living Off of the Land

Community leader Gordon “Sunno” Mitchell helps hold a local Aboriginal community together in Australia.

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Enterprise in Kenya: Small Business is a Big Dream

Moses has forged a truly successful small businesses in Kenya but his story is a rare one.

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Old Industry in Indonesia: Pictures of a Sugar Cane Community

Industrial communities in Indonesia form community around old sugar cane plants.

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Labor in India: A Rickshaw Driver’s Story

Mohammed the rickshaw driver shows a slice of street life in India.

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