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Gulf Crisis: Is Qatar Really the “Region’s Israel?”

Unlike Qatar, Israel is not really in the business of fostering opposition or regime change in the region. Israel largely feels that autocratic rulers are more reliable partners.

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FIFA On Trial: More Evidence of Corruption

Qatar’s World Cup back in the firing line.

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Gulf Crisis: Advantage Qatar

How the Gulf crisis and global pressure related to the 2022 World Cup may have induced Qatar’s leaders to launch important reform to advance social change.

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Battling for Independence: Small States Stake Their Claim

Beyond the present efforts in Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan: How do the strategies of existing small states Singapore, the UAE and Qatar compare?

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The Two Faces of the Gulf Crisis: Inching Toward Social Change

The two-month old crisis pitting Qatar against an alliance led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is proving to be a double-edged sword.

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The Two Faces of the Gulf Crisis: Arms Race

The arms race in the Middle East sparked by the Gulf crisis and North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs are closely connected.

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Gulf Media Wars: No Winners, Only Losers

Feuding Gulf States have poured millions of dollars into media campaigns which twist the truth to serve rival narratives.

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Qatar: A Pariah?

Unlike its neighbors, Qatar has continued to do well ranked by perceived corruption.

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Saudi Arabia Vs. the World

Calls for Qatar boycott fuel fears in Muslim Asia.

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Saudi’s Crown Prince: A Youthful Gambler

Crisis puts future of Saudi reforms and GCC in doubt.

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