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The United States and NATO in Afghanistan — An Asian Viewpoint

As hard power from the West has failed in Asia, what are the options for a new and different U.S. policy toward the region?

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Post-Boston: Keep Calm and Think Clearly (Part I)

What can the Boston Marathon bombings teach the United States about employing more effective forms of countering violent extremism?

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Is China Playing With American Fire?

Could such sensitive issues as Muslim relations, maritime activities and international investments tip the United States and China into greater enmity?

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NATO in Libya: The Saga of the Tortoise and the Hare

Imagine Europe had rapidly brought to bear all the firepower imaginable in Libya. Would the world be better off?

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President Paulson

Would the U.S. Treasury Secretary make a good president?

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Microsoft and General Gates

What global image problems is Microsoft encountering — thanks to the U.S. government?

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The Blueprint of Blame: Provoking War with Iran

Does the United States’ recent blustery rhetoric aimed at Iran foreshadow a looming military conflict?

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