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Pakistan: Caught in Saudi-Chinese Crosshairs

Suicide attack in Iran frames visit to Pakistan by Saudi crown prince.

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Is the US Finally Seeing Saudi Arabia for What It Is?

U.S. Senate resolution potentially changes Middle East dynamics.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed at the G-20 Summit

The Khashoggi murder crisis continues to ripple globally, far beyond U.S. domestic politics.

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The Khashoggi Murder: How Saudi Arabia Tries to Extricate Itself

To counter possible U.S. pressure, the kingdom is trying to diversify its arms suppliers and bolster domestic support for crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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US Drones and the Khashoggi Murder

What is the background to the U.S. reaction to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi by the courtiers of Trump family’s close friend, Mohammed bin-Salman?

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The Khashoggi Murder and Erdogan’s Naked Truth

Erdogan is a pragmatist, and will likely be looking to maximize both diplomatic and monetary rewards for the evidence he possesses, real or presumed.

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Spineless: The Real Meaning of Smoothing-Over Khashoggi’s Murder

A gruesome murder bares world powers’ flawed policies.

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Is Saudi Arabia Getting Unmoored?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is showing traits which Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had previously put on display.

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UK: Aimlessly Aiding and Abetting Saudi Arabia?

New report questions Saudi Arabia’s utility for Britain.

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Saudi Moderation: How Far Will Crown Prince Mohammed Go?

Despite the boldness of his moves, Crown Prince Mohammed has sent mixed messages about how far he is prepared to go to reform Saudi Arabia.

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