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Ending Pakistan’s Export of Jihadists: The Key to Win in Afghanistan

A policy to win in Afghanistan requires undermining the Taliban’s strategic base – the external support and sanctuary that Pakistan continues to provide.

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Avoiding War with China

In recent years, many American leaders have grown cavalier about nuclear war, especially with Russia, but there is also risk of a devastating conflict with China.

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Afghanistan: A Morally Corrupting War

There is no military solution to the war in Afghanistan. The solution to the debacle lies with the Afghan tribes.

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12 Ways Tunnels Shaped Warfare

From antiquity to Gaza, tunnels let insurgents take on a powerful enemy

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The Next U.S. President: Set Up for Failure?

How are current U.S. policies creating a more difficult task for future U.S. leaders?

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Mapping the Global Future

What major challenges can the world expect to confront in the next 15 years?

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Canada’s North America Strategy

Why is Canada so confident about betting on the United States and Mexico?

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Lucky Bastards — or Geniuses?

Are some world leaders just lucky — or are they brilliant visionaries?

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