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Trump Vs. America’s Children: Child Poverty In America Is Indefensible

For the country’s poor, the American dream is a living nightmare which is heightened by Trump’s ill-conceived budget.

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The Rise of Digital Workers

As more digital freelancers find work through online labor platforms, taxing their income will become increasingly difficult.

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America’s 50-Year War on Poverty

Key figures on poverty in the United States, five decades after President Johnson launched his “war.”

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Dateline Singapore: Market Economies and Social Inclusion

Are social safety nets inherently incompatible with market-based incentives to work and save?

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A Citizen-Based Social Contract for the U.S.

Is a citizen-based social contract too much for American citizens to handle?

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Indonesia and Globalization

What challenges does Indonesia’s private sector face in creating a viable middle class?

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Germany’s Confidence Deficit

Germany’s outgoing president argues that his countrymen need to regain their can-do spirit.

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