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Nigeria: I Have A Dream

At last there is true hope on the horizon for Africa’s most important country and economy.

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My Two Big Worries About the World Bank

Is the World Bank becoming irrelevant?

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Ebola: America, Stay Calm and Carry On

How America’s knee-jerk response to Ebola is hurting West Africa.

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9 Facts: The World’s Polio Problem

Polio is still a big problem for poor, war torn countries.

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Ebola: An Opportunity for Public Diplomacy

The Ebola virus is proof that foreign policy is not “foreign.”

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Egypt and the Global Oil Market: Geopolitics Is Back

Markets are extraordinarily bad at getting political risk right — and the Egypt crisis is no exception.

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Elikeh: Music From Togo to D.C.

Adje! Adje! explores the personal odysseys of Africans abroad.

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