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Why 9/11 Was No Radical Break With American History

As tragic as September 11 was, could it have triggered a return to the American past?

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South Africa’s Xenophobia Problem

Once a haven for other Africans, the country’s economic crisis has soured public opinion on foreigners.

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US Expats in Mexico: Will We Be Thrown Out?

What will happen to Americans living in Mexico if the hostility toward Mexican-Americans is put into action?

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Political Courage: Merkel Vs. Cameron

The German Chancellor takes the lead on fighting bigotry.

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Europe’s Next Leadership: Unknown, Unelected, Unloved

Europe’s system of horse-trading to choose leaders has produced non-leadership.

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Globalization: The Good, The Bad and the Uncertain

Will a failure to manage globalization lead to a backlash of protectionism, xenophobia and nationalism?

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Hillary Clinton’s Xenophobia (Part II)

How does the world community feel about Hillary Clinton and the implications of her promises to the American people?

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Hillary Clinton’s Xenophobia (Part I)

What do Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics against Barack Obama reveal about her worldview?

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U.S. Immigration Reform: It’s Cheaper to Keep Her

When it comes to immigration reform, why has the U.S. Congress decided to stay with the status quo?

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The New Old Europe: A U.S. Perspective

What does a rejuvenated Europe mean for U.S. interests in the continent?

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