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The Globalist Research Center’s Top Ten Features of 2010

What are The Globalist Research Center’s most thought-provoking features of 2010?

December 27, 2010

What are The Globalist Research Center's most thought-provoking features of 2010?

The following are The Globalist Research Center’s most insightful features of the year:

1. PIGS Vs. APEs: Living on an Animal Farm
Why are the so-called PIGS (Portugal, Ireland/Italy, Greece and Spain) often unfairly criticized for their lackluster economies and high debt levels?

By Luis Francisco Martínez Montes
2. America’s Turning Point: Was It 2001 or 2008?
What can Americans learn about the future by identifying a fundamental turning point in their recent past?

By Patrick Smith
3. Astonishing Transatlantic Cultural Comparisons
Are the United States and Europe really so divergent when it comes to social values?

By Peter Baldwin
4. China’s New Doctrine: Mental Power for Uncertain Times
How does the concept of “mental power” provide a useful prism through which to view U.S.-China affairs?

By Yamei Shen
5. Beyond the Global Brain Drain: The Global Care Drain
What problems arise from women in developing countries emigrating to the West to work in the care industry?

By Sonya Michel
6. The Global Unemployment Crisis: Costs, Causes, Cures
How to fight the misery index effectively, especially double-digit unemployment rates?

By Prakash Loungani
7. China’s Looming 2019 Deadline
Is there a 70-year deadline for political parties?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann
8. Religion as a Globalizing Force
In what ways was religion the first force that helped to globalize the world?

By Max Stackhouse
9. The Battle of the Billionaires: China Vs. India
What are major differences in the population patterns of the world’s two billion-people countries?

By Joseph Chamie
10. Afghanistan