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The Globalist’s Top 20 Stories of 2004

A highlight of our best features published in 2004.

December 31, 2004

A highlight of our best features published in 2004.

The Iraq War remains in the global spotlight. But for most people, other issues had a more immediate impact. Our selection of the top 20 features published on The Globalist in 2004 presents cross-country comparisons — as well as challenges faced by individual countries, such as India, Turkey and China.

1. Is Turkey “Enlightened” Enough to Join the EU?
Should Turkey be allowed to join the European Union?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann
2. Bollystan — The Global India
How is India projecting its growing global influence?

By Parag Khanna
3. A Palestinian Declaration of Independence?
Will the Palestinians follow U.S. ideals to break the stalemate in the Middle East peace process?

By Stanley Kober
4. Chaos in Ivory Coast: Roots and Consequences
Will Ivory Coast’s civil war realign West Africa along ethnic lines?

By Daniel Chirot
5. India and the U.S. — A Tale of Two Democracies
In what ways did India’s elections present a serious test to U.S. voters?

By Kaiser Zaman
6. Women Suicide Bombers — Equality in Terror?
A close look at the political and theological debate over female terrorists within Islam.

By Joyce Davis
7. Why Europe Needs — And Wants — Bush to Win
How has President Bush’s leadership benefited Europe?

By Richard Phillips
8. George W. Bush: The Second Napoleon?
How is the U.S. president more like Bonaparte than Churchill?

By Jean-Louis Doublet
9. Terrorism — A Confusing Target for the United States
Does the United States need a more nuanced approach?

By Justine A. Rosenthal
10. Iraq and 21st Century Liberation Theology
What key lesson should Poland’s 1980s experience have provided for the liberation of Iraq?

By Stephan Richter
11. China’s Green GDP — The Real Revolution?
Will China factor the environment into GDP growth calculations?

By Lila Buckley
12. Europe as the World’s New Moral Center?
Has Europe replaced the United States in setting international standards?

By Peter Goldmark
13. Russia’s Newly Found “Soft Power”
How does Russia assert influence despite its loss of superpower status?

By Fiona Hill
14. The POP (=Public Opinion Poll) Superpower
Why is it dangerous to legitimize U.S. foreign policy decisions through opinion polls?

By Stephan Richter
15. It Takes Three to Tango with Tehran
Is the Bush Administration hell-bent on confronting Iran?

By Joseph Cirincione
16. Is World Food Security Deteriorating?
Is a world-wide food crunch likely in 2005?

By Lester Brown
17. Turkey’s Impulse for Reform
Turkey is at a crossroads. Which way will it turn?

By Tulin Daloglu
18. The Germany That No Longer Works
How can Germany assert itself in the global economy?

By Richard Fisher
19. India and the Power of Entrepreneurship
Is it unfair competition when an Indian entrepreneur does well?

By Nuimuddin Chowdhury
20. Should We Trust China?
Should China’s recent economic growth and moves toward banking reform concern or reassure Westerners?

By Bernard Wasow