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Africa’s Electricity Poverty

How many people in Africa live without any access to electricity?

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United States: Not Exceptional, But One Nation Among Many

Americans’ attitudes about the U.S. role in the world have changed markedly.

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U.S. Energy “Security” — Beware False Comfort

Reliance on a phony form of “energy security” locks the U.S. into a world of diminishing returns.

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U.S. Fracking and the Russian Bear

Can U.S. shale gas really rebalance global supplier relationships?

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Russia’s Grip on Ukraine’s Energy Supply

Trying to loosen the symbiotic energy relationship between Russia and Europe.

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Build For the Future (Part II)

Ten steps Western economies must take.

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A Closer Look at Germany’s Trade Deficits(!)

Germany may run a trade surplus overall, but with some countries it has a deficit.

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Japan and Germany: Two Sides of Nuclear Reality

Japan is simply squandering an opportunity to break new ground after Fukushima.

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The Rise of Cheap Solar Energy

How are existing utilities reacting to solar energy becoming cost-effective?

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Germany’s Energy Transformation in Action

Major German utility RWE sheds old business model, embraces energy transition.

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