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Africa’s J — Jobs

What do employment prospects look like in Africa?

February 16, 2005

What do employment prospects look like in Africa?

The situation in African countries — such as Madagascar — is very different. In Madagascar, three-quarters of men and women work in agriculture.

In Madagascar, only a few have industrial jobs — and fewer than 20% work in services. One out of three children aged 10-14 are working.

Africa’s private firms, large and small, are by far the main creators of jobs. The pace of economic progress therefore depends in large part on the business environment in which firms operate.

Enterprises will create the most jobs in countries where government institutions are designed to enforce the laws fairly, where state investment is directed at priority needs, where education and health services receive due government attention and economic policies are sound.

Where some or all of these elements are weak or absent, the number of jobs created will be less.