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Joe Biden and His Inner FDR


Before the election, Joe Biden was probably inclined to morph into a modern-day Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Can he still?

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Minneapolis 2007 and 2020

In the wake of the George Floyd murder, what does the reaction to a 2007 tragedy that also occurred in Minneapolis tell us about America’s purpose and resolve?

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China in the Balkans

Chinese investment could become a challenging factor for the European future of the Western Balkans.

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Welcome to Poor Germany

How the Merkel government is risking Germany’s future by underinvestment and other ill-applied policy approaches.

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“Cool” Germany, Really?

The Economist’s recent feature on today’s Germany as a model for all of Europe was fake news. The signs of crisis – mainly a widespread complacency – are already visible in financial markets.

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Japan’s High-Speed Rail

While pioneering Japan is no longer home to the biggest high-speed rail network in the world, it remains premiere.

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Europe’s High-Speed Rail Leaders

Spain, France and Germany have the largest high-speed train networks after China and Japan.

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The State of US High-Speed Rail

The fledgling network does not compare well to other countries with high-speed trains.

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China’s Massive High-Speed Rail Network

From zero to leader in a decade.

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How China Gets Sucked Into the Middle East

While shifting energy import patterns enhance China’s clout in the Middle East, it is still struggling to be perceived as a big regional player.

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