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China’s Term-Limit Rollback

Post-Mao term limits became important when China’s presidency took on the country’s lead role, but Xi Jinping is ending them.

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The Harsh Realism of Adam Smith

Adam Smith was no blind worshipper of the market economy. He pointed to many of the deformations of human behavior that we still deplore today.

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China’s Biggest Political Summit

For all of China’s active global summitry, the most complex diplomatic exercise is entirely domestic – the CCP’s Party Congress, held every five years.

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Germany’s SPD: To Serve or Not to Serve under Merkel?

The election and subsequent choice of coalition matter. But the differences between the various options are modest rather than stark.

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The German Consensus Machine

Don’t look for major policy changes in Germany after the September 24 federal elections.

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Madam Ministers

Which major government currently has the highest percentage of women in its cabinet?

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Message to France: “Reform or Drop Dead”

France’s Prime Minister Valls urges his fellow citizens to reform.

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The Apple Saga: Rethinking the Risk-Reward Ratio

Will the U.S. lead in technological innovation falter if the government can’t reap some of the rewards from its successful investments?

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Reflections on Doing Business in India and China

How do the realities of doing business in India and China reflect on those countries’ abilities to cultivate talent and new technologies?

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China and the End of the End of History

Could the Western democratic system be only a transitory phenomenon in the long history of humankind?

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