Andrés Ortega

Andrés Ortega is senior research fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute, a major Spanish foreign affairs think tank.

The 2010s: The Decade of Disillusion

The decade that has just ended, the 2010s, was marked by the crisis that began in 2007-08, and it was accompanied by the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Europeanism Vs. Euroskepticism

More than any other, these EU elections are a battleground to determine the future direction of the European project.

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India: A Connected Power

India has achieved massive technological advances which are transforming its society. The current elections are evidence of this.

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Toward a People-Centered Globalization?

After the Yellow Vests challenged Macron in France, is there a way out of the conundrum for the G20 nations?

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“Yellow Vests”: The First Rebellion Against the Ecological Transition

Previous rebellions in France were against the markets and globalization. The Yellow Vest rebellion is against a change in our way of life.

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US: Massaging Unemployment Numbers

Many European countries would like to grow jobs at the same rate as the U.S. A look behind the official U.S. statistics.

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If the UK Stays…

Britain and the EU

Evaluating the prospects of “No Brexit.”

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The Europeanization of the Anti-Europeans

The big prize being eyed by the anti-European and xenophobic parties are the elections to the European Parliament next May.

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An Outbreak of Ethics in Silicon Valley?

The companies and employees of the firms that are creating AI-based surveillance technologies are no longer on the side-lines.

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Trade Wars and the Clash of Perceptions

Trump sees China as a wealthy country with many poor people, while China sees itself as a poor country with wealthy people.

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