Dirk Helbing

Dirk Helbing is Professor of Computational Social Science at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences and affiliate of the Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich.

Digital Fascism Rising?

Can we still stop a world of technological totalitarianism?

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We Need Peace Rooms, Not War Rooms

A proposal for the pro-social use of big data intelligence

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The World Today: A Net Assessment

Is the call for a global emergency mere alarmism? Or do we really have reason to be alarmed?

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Part VII: Principles For a “Golden Age of Prosperity and Peace”

Ethics is not about putting obstacles in people’s way, but about fundamental success principles for a prosperous and peaceful society.

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Part VI: Digital Upgrade of Democracy (“Digital Democracy”)

We need social systems that are able to produce better solutions to complex problems.

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Part V: Reform of the Financial System

A “socio-ecological finance system” would be efficient, innovation-friendly and democratic at the same time.

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Part IV: Upgrading Today’s Capitalism

Capitalism in its current form is neither fair nor sustainable.

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Part III: A New Social Contract

It is time to work out a new social contract that allows everyone to lead a proper life and determine it to a larger extent.

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Part II: Rethinking the World Economy: From Push to Pull

If we changed our throw-away society, there would be enough resources for everyone.

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Part I: The Moral Duty of the Elites

It is the moral duty of the elite to avert global disaster.

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