George Magnus

George Magnus is an independent economist and commentator, an associate at the China Centre, Oxford University and an adviser to some asset management companies.

The “Boomerangst” Generation — Take II

What toll will an aging population take on the family structure?

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The “Boomerangst” Generation

How are world realities changing for boomers’ children?

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The Pyrrhic Victory of Secular Capitalism

What effect have the rise of “secular capitalism” and globalization had on people’s religious beliefs?

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China’s Relations With Saudi Arabia and Iran

What is the extent of the cooperation between China and the Middle East?

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Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Rise of the "Global South"

What insights does a truly global — not just Western — perspective into these new investment vehicles yield?

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The New Silk Road

How has the tradition of the ancient Silk Road been revived by capital flow?

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