Jean-Francois Boittin

Jean-Francois Boittin is a former French diplomat and Treasury official.

Donald Trump’s Diplomatic War on Europe

The Trump administration uses diplomatic protocol to slap the EU in the face, while cuddling up to Putin and Erdogan.

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As Trump Tries to Slay the Chinese Dragon

Major U.S. companies cannot be happy about the effects that President Trump’s trade war with China will have on their business fortunes.

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How Trump Does Regime Change — At Home!

Detect the telltale signs of the coming U.S. regime change, moving from democracy to Trumpian idolatry.

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Aboard Air Force One: Trump’s Thoughts on the Way to the G7

Those so-called “allies” don’t realize how much they have been on the warpath against the U.S. all along. High time to set the record straight!

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Trump’s Car Tariffs and Transatlantic Reciprocity

A note on U.S. and European car tariffs to a very stable genius.

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Trump’s Steel Tariffs: Soft on China and Russia, Tough on Allies

Everything you always wanted to know about section 232 of the U.S. Act on steel and aluminum, but were always afraid to ask.

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America First — Or Against All?

To Trump, everything in politics – even at the global trade stage – is about him personally and how it affects his business interests.

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NAFTA and WTO: Terminator Trump?

U.S. trade policy under Trump does not reflect a self-confident global power, but a giant caught in a dwarf’s mind.

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Trump in Paris: Bienvenue, Monsieur le Président!

A message to the American President as he heads to France.

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Making Russia Great Again

Why is Vladimir Putin so grateful to Donald Trump? Because Trump diminishes the United States’ standing in the world, making little Russia look larger.

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