Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson is an author, market analyst and a former business and economics editor at United Press International.

The US Electoral College and Weeding Out the Chaff

How the Founding Fathers’ original intent regarding the Electoral College over time was turned on its very head.

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Will Trump’s Years Be Good for Gold?

Trump is of two minds on the whether he really wants to pursue sound economic policies or follow his instincts as a real estate developer.

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The Holiday From History Is Over

Why it is not only smart, but mandatory for mature powers to stop being overly ambitious in the field of foreign policy.

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Moving Into a Chinese-Indian World

A dual hegemony now looks unavoidable, but must we really fear it?

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Argentina: What Next?

What are the country’s prospects after the surprise victory in the presidential elections?

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The Meaning of Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn does not need to win in 2020 in order to have a substantial effect on British politics.

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UK: Abandoning Europe, Connecting With Whom Instead?

Brexit divorce will need a good lawyer – and a hot new “girlfriend.”

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The Risk that Glows in the Dark

It is fairly likely that by 2030 a nuclear attack will have hit one or more major Western cities.

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Being Old in 2040 Will Be No Fun

Current trends in demographics and national budgets will leave the elderly of the future in dire straits.

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Bolivia: Where Socialism Appears to Work

Bolivia’s remarkable example of advancing economic and social inclusion.

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