Steven Hill

Steven Hill is a journalist and author of the recently published book Die Startup Illusion: Wie die Internet-Ökonomie unseren Sozialstaat ruiniert ( Find him at and @StevenHIll1776

Trump and the State of Workers in America: A 2018 Labor Day Reflection

After the U.S. saw moderate progress on labor issues under Obama, Donald Trump has wasted no time to attack workers and the labor movement in the U.S.

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Germany, Beware of Uber’s “New” Ridesharing Model

Uber’s new CEO presents a kinder, gentler face of his company. But don’t be fooled. The business model hasn’t changed.

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The Orwellian Danger of Facebook

Is Mark Zuckerberg really in control of Facebook? Or is he a sorcerer’s apprentice that cannot handle the invention?

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To Secede or Not to Secede: Learning from Catalonia

When is it appropriate for a region of a larger geopolitical entity to secede? And what criteria should be used to decide the legitimacy of a secession bid?

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Europe, the US or China?

Which development model today among the Big Three – Europe, the US or China – best fosters economic and environmental sustainability?

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The Future of the EU: Putting Things in Perspective

The European Way has great potential to nudge the world forward.

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The Rise of Digital Workers

As more digital freelancers find work through online labor platforms, taxing their income will become increasingly difficult.

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Future of Work and the Survival of the Welfare State

More and more people are finding work in the digital economy, but more flexibility also means increased insecurity.

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How the Berlin Government Could Rein in Airbnb and Protect Local Housing

If Airbnb knowingly facilitates criminal activity, it should itself be treated as a criminal enterprise.

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From Democracy to Leakocracy: Germany the Next Target?

From Wikileaks to Leakocracy: How hackers, including from Russia, shape elections

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