Terri Langston

Terri Langston is senior editor at The Globalist.

What Ails America on Health Care?

11 theses on what an undemocratic and unnecessary mess the world’s supposedly leading democracy finds itself in.

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“Now Let US Pray,” Or: Converting Melania to Mother Mary of the Masses

There’s an image makeover in progress for the First Lady in the Trump Administration.

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Gun Deaths: An American Prophet

On gun deaths, Americans knew what needed doing half a century ago.

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After Charleston: Gun Control and American Cynicism

Will the United States ever get real about the need for gun control?

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Ottawa: A Sergeant-at-Arms As the Real Thing

Competence and the protection of the people’s house.

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Al Capone of the Yoga Mat

Second Amendment joys: Only in the United States could an exercise mat be mistaken for a gun.

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Healing D.C.: What Muriel Bowser Must Do

Can the D.C. mayor-in-waiting overcome the racial divide that persists in the U.S. capital city?

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Obama’s Dangerous Road to Data Privatization

A tool to track “illegal aliens” potentially to track everyone else?

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Goodnight Moon. Goodnight NSA.

What can jolt Americans into seeing that security comes only through transparent civic institutions?

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The Narrative of the Privileged American Male

Why are Republicans having such a hard time coming to grips with the electoral defeat?

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