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In Charts: Brexit — An Overview

A collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining Brexit.

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  • A collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining Brexit.

Theresa May’s revised Brexit Deal goes before the UK House of Commons today.The outcome of the vote will have enormous consequences for both Britain and the EU.

Below is a collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining Brexit, from the vote to leave the EU on June 23, 2016 to where we are now.

How the UK voted on June 23, 2016

How the UK voted by region

What people in Northern Ireland think of Brexit

The share of total UK trade by trade agreement

How much trade the UK does with the EU

The UK’s biggest trading partners

How much of the UK’s food and drinks products exports go to the EU

How much EU membership costs the UK

The cost of a “No Deal” scenario for both the UK and the EU

Business’ planned investment in the UK after Brexit

What EU doctors think of Brexit

What people think about NHS staff from the EU being allowed to stay after Brexit

Who people think would win if there was a second referendum

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