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Western Balkans: The Young and Talented Leave

Western Balkans policymakers often complain that their best minds are leaving. But they do so without offering any solution how to fix this issue.

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Migration, Brain Drain and the Western Balkans

What must be done to make life attractive enough at home to not see everyone go abroad?

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The EU and the Balkans: Parallel Lives Forever?

Pessimism is real, but scapegoating the EU for the slow transformation of the Western Balkans is unfair.

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Western Balkans: Looking From the Outside In

What does the EU mean to people in the Western Balkans?

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Brexit: Why the EU Will Continue to Stand Firm

With Theresa May greatly weakened, and the UK likely facing new elections and/or a new Prime Minister soon, it makes little sense for the EU to negotiate with her in earnest.

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Theresa May, Xenophobe: The Political Utility of the EU

Britain and the EU

Theresa May has long been obsessed with immigration. On that issue, she has managed to connect with some UK voters.

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Merkel and Macron: The New “2 M’s” Power Couple

With a new French President at her side, Merkel feels invigorated again. She even feels a sense of destiny regarding Europe.

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The Macron Effect: Can France Overtake Germany Again?

It’s not a foregone conclusion that Germany always has the upper hand economically over France.

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Theresa May’s and England’s Massive Miscalculations on Brexit

Why Germany’s Angela Merkel felt compelled to end the Tories’ delusions

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Why Theresa May’s Supposed Triumph May Not Happen

In calling snap elections for the UK on June 8, the British Prime Minister may have entered into a game of Russian Roulette.

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