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After Brexit: Pouring Cold Water on Scotland’s Dreams

An independent Scotland within the EU risks becoming Greece, but without the handouts. Its living standards would rapidly descend.

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Brexit: Is Britain Facing A Mass Academic Exodus?

The world class reputation of British research institutions depends on maintaining excellence in particular fields of research.

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Ireland and Brexit: Behind the Facade

How ordinary Irish people think Brexit will affect the Republic of Ireland.

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How Britain Punishes Itself

Theresa May’s Brexit plan will do some significant damage to the British economy.

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Global Upheaval: The Sad New Normal

Instead of strengthening and stabilizing institutions, we are allowing them to fall.

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An Economic Score Card for the UK: 10 Theses

Why Brexit will make an already shaky economic record even worse.

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UK: How a Development Economist Sees It

To a development economist, the future macroeconomic policy needs for Britain seem fairly obvious.

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UK Media and Brexit: A Responsibility Not to Misinform?

Press freedom is vital for democracy. But as the UK has proven, mass media also have the responsibility to be truthful.

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Brexit: The Worst of All Policy Ideas

Brexit is the UK equivalent of the United States launching the Iraq War: Noble intentions perhaps, but an utterly self-defeatist move.

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The New Battle For Berlin

Centrality, not hegemony is the name of the German political game. They love network logic.

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