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MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech: The Forgotten Half

The passage of time has only heightened the urgency of Martin Luther King’s sobering message. We present the parts almost never quoted.

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An Imminent Conflict Between Patriotism and Globalism?

Reflections on the relationship between globalism and patriotism.

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Can Iran and Saudi Arabia Co-Exist?

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif has a vision.

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America’s Unfulfilled Promise: An Economic Bill of Rights

Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union message to Congress shows the U.S. the way forward.

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Mr. Obama, Stop the Privatization of U.S. Intelligence!

Why the U.S. Congress must not turn a fundamental government responsibility over to the private sector.

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The Double-Faced Digital Revolution

Until now we, as simple “users,” have given little thought to where this profound technical change will lead us.

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Niall Ferguson Vs. Keynes, the (Gay, Childless) Futurist

Did historian Niall Ferguson forget that Keynes was deeply concerned about the economic futures of his generation’s grandchildren?

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Haiti: Aid in a Time of Cholera

Why has outsourcing disaster relief work to NGOs failed in the case of Haiti’s cholera outbreak?

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Destroying Palestinian Olive Trees

What effect does the destruction of Palestinian olive trees by Israel Defense Forces and settlers have on local farmers?

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Traveling Across the EU on a BMW (Part II)

How are the effects of the economic crisis visible to a motorcyclist riding through Europe?

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