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In Charts: Saudi Arabia

A collection of charts, graphs and maps exploring Saudi Arabia.



  • A collection of charts, graphs and maps exploring Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the custodian of Sunni Islam and one of the world’s major oil exporters. As such, it plays a central role in Middle East politics, as well as the global economy.

Below is a collection of charts, maps and graphs exploring the country — its economy, military and its society.

Countries with the largest Sunni populations

Press freedom in Saudi Arabia

Corruption in Saudi Arabia

Gender equality in Saudi Arabia

Effects of MBS’s reforms

The Saudi royal family tree

Demographics of Saudi Arabia

Immigration in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports

Saudi Arabia’s oil supplies to Europe

Saudi Arabia’s biggest company

Saudi Arabia’s foreign currency reserves

Saudi Arabia’s budget

Saudi Arabia’s arms imports

Top arms exporters to Saudi Arabia

The McKinsey Plan for Saudi Arabia

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