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China: Standing Up to US on Iran

Chinese purchases of Iranian oil raise tantalizing questions.

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US Vs. Iran: The Gulf of Tonkin Precedent

Are the warmongers in the U.S. faking attacks from supposed Iranian sources? The lessons of the Vietnam War provide a clear warning.

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Iran etc.: Launch Sanctions and You Trigger Corruption

New U.S. Treasury investigation spotlights Russians, Syrians and Iranians.

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The Need for a U.S. Policy Pivot Towards Iran

How the United States can once again become a Middle East power broker

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Can the US Make the Iran Sanctions Stick?

China’s refusal to cut back on Iranian oil purchases opens up another frontline with the U.S.

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US Spurring Instability in the Middle East

Multiple Middle Eastern disputes are threatening to spill out of control. This is largely due to the changed role of the United States.

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Bad News from the Global Oil Market

oil well

Trump’s tweet-based badgering of the Saudis to increase production will not ease pressures resting on the global oil market. High time to do a reality check.

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Russia: Energy Resources and Corruption Perception

Russia has abundant natural resources, but is also highly dependent on them.

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How China Gets Sucked Into the Middle East

While shifting energy import patterns enhance China’s clout in the Middle East, it is still struggling to be perceived as a big regional player.

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Iran Protests: The Oil and Gas Dimension

Iranians have long taken national pride in their natural resource wealth. But ordinary people aren’t seeing the benefits.

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