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The Impossible City: A Coming-of-Age Hong Kong Memoir

Karen Cheung’s first book charts the acceleration of a vanishing way of life in Hong Kong amid China’s creeping influence.

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Needed: A Second Earth-Shaking Scholz Speech


To provide Germany with proper orientation in times of historic misses, the German Chancellor has to show a lot more courage. All parties have a lot of explaining to do.

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Bringing Russian Oligarchs to Justice

Why we need to worry that the current zeal of Western authorities to go after the Russian oligarchs will decline over time.

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Can Russia’s Oligarchs Be Brought to Justice?

Only if we fight the corruption coming from the Kremlin and its coterie of oligarchs in earnest do the Russian people have a fair chance for a decent future.

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Germany and the Battle Over Political Correctness

Today’s world, today’s challenges and today’s politics cry out for media commentators to make careful distinctions.

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Canada’s “Trucker’s Convoy”: What It Means for the Western World

Some of the key causes of frustration: A federal government with a weak electoral mandate and an agenda for social change.

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Tackling Migration by Fighting Corruption?

Why Middle Eastern and Northern African migrants see no future for themselves in their home countries.

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Will Ukraine Be a Replay of Poland in 1939?

To prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO can’t rely on sanctions alone. History offers a clear message on appeasement.

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Confronting the Kleptocrats? Contain Their Western(!) Financial Managers

The governments participating in the November 2021 Biden Summit should hit the authoritarians where it hurts them the most – in their wallets.

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Route to Authoritarian Power in Democracies: From the 1930s to the 2020s

The history of white nationalism, grievance and authoritarianism in Europe makes the agenda of the current Republican Party in the US far easier to understand.

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