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We Are All Denmark!

A property king’s guide to U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century.

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Denmark: A Head and Shoulders Above

How tall is the tallest national population in the world?

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The Euro Beyond Greece: Getting Larger, Not Smaller

Danes, Swiss and British may ultimately join the euro.

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2015: The Year of All Elections for Europe?

Voters from Greece to Britain may finally decide if the EU will survive.

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Euro Crisis: Economic Turmoil, Political Backlash

How is the global economic crisis generating a political backlash — even in the prosperous core of the eurozone?

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The Jihad of America’s Founding Fathers

Why is the tension between the United States and the Muslim world far from a recent development?

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The Danish Piñata? A TV Correspondent’s View

Did CBS’s “60 Minutes” resort to the same stereotyping it accused Danish catoonists of using?

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A Danish Lesson for Germany

How did Denmark successfully reform its labor market?

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