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Italy’s New Coalition Faces Tough Choices

Italy has moved—again—in the direction of stability in the short term, while facing long-term fragility of its economic and financial situation.

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Health Consequences of Overwork

Death by overwork affects not only the families of the deceased, but also the industries they worked in and the national economy.

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How the German Economy Is Falling Behind

With growth deteriorating, the day of reckoning for Germany’s economic policymakers is approaching fast.

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In Charts: Checking Up on India

A collection of charts, maps and graphs exploring India.

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In Charts: Checking Up on Germany

A collection of charts, maps and graphs exploring Germany.

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China’s “Interesting Times”

As China rings in the New Year, a brief look at some of the problems the country is facing.

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A World of Financial Gloom and Doom?

Why financial markets in 2019 may offer positive surprises, despite — and actually because of — the current wave of pessimism.

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The Deteriorating US Economy

Economists cannot say with precision when the next U.S. recession will begin. But there is no reasonable doubt that the U.S. economy will weaken in 2019.

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China’s Interesting Future, in 2019

If China has a problem, so does the global economy.

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Stock Markets and the Trump Factor

While Trump says it’s all the Fed’s fault, this is why U.S. stock markets are really collapsing.

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