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Gazprom: The Dark Shadow Over Europe

In the run-up to the Ukraine invasion, Gazprom has conclusively proven that it is not a business but a politico-military enterprise – a central part of Putin’s war-making kit.

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Q&A: When Biden Meets Scholz

The Biden administration is greatly irritated by the SPD’s submissive stance on Russia.

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EU: Brussels Needs Real Energy Pro

The CEE countries were left out of all top jobs in Brussels. As compensation, the top EU energy job should be filled by them.

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Gazprom and the Dead Parrot Argument

Gazprom’s North Stream 2 gas pipeline has not been completed. Now the company wants to sue the EU for applying its own rules and regulations to the project.

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Ukraine’s Energy Future

Ukraine’s economic freedom depends more on its energy freedom than on any other single factor.

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Ukraine: Survival as a Human Right

Ahead of a decisive winter, Ukraine faces a difficult battle without strong support from the West.

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Putin and Russia’s Big Business: From Unstable Stability to Stable Instability?

Will Putin’s third presidential term be one of growing political and economic risk?

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The Russian Challenge

How do U.S.-Russian relations compare to EU-Russian relations?

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All Roads Pass Through Moscow

Should Russia become a top priority on the U.S. foreign policy agenda?

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Ukraine’s Yushchenko Conundrum

What difficulties does Ukraine’s Viktor Yushchenko face in forming a new coalition after the March 2006 elections?

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