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Putin’s Perverted Genocidal “Logic”

The international community should pay much closer attention to the completely perverted reasoning behind Putin calling for a “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.

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25 Years After Srebrenica: No Peace or Reconciliation in West Balkans

Imagine it is 1970 — and still there is no peace or reconciliation between France and Germany. Fast forward to the present and consider the situation in the West Balkans.

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Modernity: No Shield Against Genocide

As long as we put our short-sighted political interest above human lives, we prove we have learned little from history and are condemned to repeat it.

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South Sudan: Losing the Last Vestiges of Our Moral Fabric

“Never again,” adopted in the wake of the Second World War, has become nothing but an empty slogan in South Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

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Colonialism Applied to Europe: Mazower’s “Hitler’s Empire”

The most distinctive character of the Second World War is that it was Nazi Germany’s war of extermination in Russia.

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South Korea/Japan: “Comfort Women” as a Political Football?

The tragic case of Japan’s WWII sex slaves.

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Is Genocide Inevitable?

Other outcomes are possible in African conflicts.

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Human Rights in Latin America: The Rios Montt Genocide Trial

What does the genocide conviction of Guatemala’s former General Rios Montt mean for the survivors?

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Islamic Tribes: Testimonies of Genocide

Are countless acts of genocide the destiny of the human race?

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Creating an Enemy of Iran

Are there untested diplomatic approaches that might reduce the risk of a conflict between the United States and Iran?

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