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Where Iran, Israel, Russia Stand United

In the Middle East, Iran, Israel and Russia — despite their rivalries — all share one goal: maintaining disunity.

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The New Battle For Berlin

Centrality, not hegemony is the name of the German political game. They love network logic.

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Pax Americana or Primus Inter Pares?

Should the United States hold on to its notions of global hegemony?

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Bill Clinton — A Bigger Imperialist Than George W. Bush?

Did President Clinton use globalization to advance U.S. interests?

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Why Europe Needs — And Wants — Bush to Win

How has President Bush’s leadership benefited Europe?

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Washington = Rome Redux

Can ancient Rome teach Washington lessons about empire building?

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The Reemergence of Balance-of-Power Politics

Will ad-hoc coalitions between underdeveloped nations be enough to contain aggressive hegemons?

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Global Balance Sheet — 1913 to 1998

Are most people better off economically now than at the beginning of the 20th century?

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