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Reagan Vs. Trump: Two Entertainer-Politicians Compared

Where Reagan was a pro, Trump is an amateur. While Reagan was principled, Trump is anything but.

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Washington’s Place in a New World

What will the United States do in a world of dispersed power?

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Marsha Hunt: Hollywood’s First Activist Actress

How did a once-blacklisted Hollywood actress imbue Middle America with a truly global outlook?

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Hollywood’s Global Crop

What does the current crop of Oscar-nominated movies say about Hollywood and globalization?

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Bernard-Henri Lévy — Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville

How do Bernard-Henri Lévy’s observations of American life compare with those of de Tocqueville?

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Bernard-Henri Lévy — The Public Intellectual Past His Prime

What does life in the United States look like through the eyes of a modern French intellectual?

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