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Mapping Social Cohesion in Asia

How does cohesion develop in Asian societies? And which factors determine its strength?

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Seven Challenges for an Asian Century

To reach its full potential, Asia will need to overcome seven key challenges in the 21st century.

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Dining Alone in a Hyper-Competitive World

What can solo dining tell us about the way of life we lead?

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Japan’s Looming Imperial Abdication

Japan’s succession will provide the country with symbols of its past, though some will try to hijack them as markers for the future.

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Reimagining China and Asia

How are Asian countries responding to the steady erosion of U.S. power in the region? And how is China playing its hand?

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Arms Sales Push May Further Trump-Abe Bromance

For both Japan and the U.S. to benefit from a shift in trade dynamics between the two countries, weapons may be the best choice for Tokyo and Washington.

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Japanese Unions: Average or Exceptional?

How does Japan compare to the leading economies for unionization levels?

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East Asia’s Challenge: Resisting Hyper-Nationalism, Not Globalization

Overcoming nationalistic barriers is more urgent than ever for pro-Western Asian countries.

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Voter Turnout in Korea Vs Japan

Similar voting systems yield very different participation rates.

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Japan Loves Hitler

In its shameless pursuit of Japanese suprematism, the Abe government declares Hitler’s racist diatribe as apt literature for schoolchildren.

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