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Tom Cruise, John McCain and Impeaching Donald Trump

Can the Republican Party save itself? The entire world is waiting for the Republicans’ Tom Cruise (aka Lt. Kaffee) moment.

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Donald Trump: The Nigerian Scammer

The tools President Donald Trump uses to build his electoral base and to keep it intact are borrowed from Nigerian scammers.

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Trump: A Perfect Republican

Trump embodies many of the nasty or deceitful trends that have long moved the Republicans away from the path of political virtue.

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Iran Deal: Watch Who Is Doing the Warning

The same people who triggered the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq now categorically reject the Iran Deal.

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Iraq’s Predictable Fate

Will the purveyors of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq ever pay a penance for their sins of warmongering?

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Why Crimea Is Not the Product of U.S. Weakness

Do Republicans really need a refresher course in big-power politics?

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The Incorrigible Senator McCain

How to promote interventions, from Iraq to Syria, without ever being held accountable.

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The Narrative of the Privileged American Male

Why are Republicans having such a hard time coming to grips with the electoral defeat?

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John McCain’s Battle Against a Green Navy for Blue Oceans

Why does a seemingly arcane intra-bureaucratic spat over alternative fuels in the United States matter to a global audience?

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A Convenient Untruth

Are American workers — as U.S. politicians frequently claim — really the most productive in the world?

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