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Trump Role Models in History: Take Your Pick

Far from being a unique phenomenon, Trump actually shares striking characteristics with a host of historical figures.

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Trump: The West’s Gorbachev?

Will Trump have a similarly devastating effect on democracies that Gorbachev had on Communism?

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The Breach of the Berlin Wall

The final hours before the fall of the Wall: An eyewitness report by an American diplomat.

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The Fall of the Wall: An Accidental Revolution?

An eyewitness report by an American diplomat.

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Vodka: Market Riches After Communism

What role did vodka play in restructuring Russia’s economy after communism?

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Vodka: Sobering Up the USSR

How did restrictions on vodka consumption speed up the collapse of communism?

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Russia Through the Vodka Glass

Can Russia’s recent history be explained through a vodka glass?

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Twenty Years After the Demise of the Soviet Union: A Chinese Perspective (Part I)

How did the fall of the USSR give rise to a global order characterized by peace and economic development?

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The Internal Logic of China’s Political Development

Why is positive political change in China less likely to come from outside pressure than from continued economic growth?

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Urbi et Gorbi

Why does former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev not get credit for ending the Cold War?

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