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Trade Secrets and the Return of the 99 Percent

What are the architects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreements trying to keep secret?

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U.S. Into Syria: Six Key Mysteries

What happens when a bunch of former senators run U.S. foreign policy?

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Obama’s Amateur Hour

Syria: When “red lines” lead to red faces.

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Obama Steps Out Alone on Climate Change

Will America now respond to the 21st century threat of climate change and lead? Or will ambivalence prevail?

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Obama’s Cardinal Sin

Why is the U.S. president so keen on excelling by doing his very own opposition’s bidding? Is it because he is a non-politician and utter elitist?

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Obama’s Covert Trade Deal

Has the Obama Administration’s Pacific trade negotiations violated the President’s pledge to open government?

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Did Obama Love Drones Too Much?

Does the United States fully understand what it has wrought through the use of armed drones?

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Obama’s Third Term

Why is the United States forever engaging in political scandals and horse races — rather than in the business of governing?

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An America That Can’t: A Reflection on Obama’s Second Inaugural

Does it even make sense to hold federal elections in the United States? After all, they never provide any real resolution.

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The U.S. Democrats as a Conservative Party

Despite all the talk about the Republican Party in need of splitting into two camps, aren’t the Democrats a more realistic target?

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