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Reimagining Globalism in the Trump Era

All of us must resist the impulse to go blame-gaming and making every international relationship a zero-sum game.

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Trump’s “New” Strategy in Afghanistan Is Doomed To Fail

After 16 years of fighting, dispatching an additional force of 4,000 soldiers will not change anything.

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Part III: A New Social Contract

It is time to work out a new social contract that allows everyone to lead a proper life and determine it to a larger extent.

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Ending Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis

The Iraqi people must rise above sectarianism and chart their own destiny.

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Fifty Years of Immoral Occupation of Palestine

If the Israelis and the Palestinians learned to live in peace, it would usher in a renaissance the likes of which has never been seen before.

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International Day of Peace – The Globalist’s Top 10 Features

Perspectives on peace over the past five centuries, from China to Nelson Mandela.

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The World’s New Thirty Years War

How to shape a coherent long-term Western strategy for the age of new global violence.

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Twentieth Century Milestones in 2014

Can we use the milestones and guideposts of the past century to deal with current choices?

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Employment and Ecology: The Twin Challenges for Humanity (Part IV)

How will the global community face the twin challenges of employment and protecting the planet’s ecology?

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Another Bipolar World Order (Part II)

What is the chief competition that will determine the destiny of mankind in the 21st century?

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