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Jordan’s Dry Times

Is Jordan’s scarce water supply going down the drain?

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Marsha Hunt: Hollywood’s First Activist Actress

How did a once-blacklisted Hollywood actress imbue Middle America with a truly global outlook?

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The Return to Afghanistan

How successfully is Afghanistan handling the largest repatriation movement in history?

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America’s Responsibility to Iraqi Refugees

Is the United States doing enough to provide sanctuary for those fleeing persecution and violence in Iraq?

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Out of Africa, Once More

Why will those least responsible for global warming be forced to migrate because of climate change?

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Coming to Grips with the Iraq War’s Refugees

What is perhaps the most overlooked consequence of the Iraq war — and what can be done about it?

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Climate Refugees

Will climate change and natural disasters spur mass migration away from high-risk, high-cost regions?

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Tuvalu’s Disappearance Act

How did a small island nation prosper with globalization, but suffer side effects?

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