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How to Handle the Evolution of Belarus

The West should support democracy in Belarus, but avoid provocative promises.

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Tomas Masaryk and Czechoslovakian Independence, 100 Years Ago

Few people are aware that Czechoslovak independence was declared in the United States, in Philadelphia on October 26, 1918.

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Ukraine and Ireland: Overcoming Mighty Neighbors

What do Ukraine and Ireland have in common, in their struggles with Russia and the UK?

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Iran, Oil and U.S. Electoral Politics

Are U.S. energy and foreign policy objectives at odds with the electoral strategies of the presidential candidates?

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Egypt One Year Later: Going the Way of Iraq?

Why is Iraq’s democratic transition a less-than-perfect model for Egypt?

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How Qaddafi Mastered the Globalization Game

What has enabled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi to weather North Africa's tsunami of popular revolutions?

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Will Central Asia Follow Egypt’s Example?

Will the chain reaction of protests crossing the Middle East now reach Central Asia?

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Russia and Globalization

Fifteen years after the fall of communism, how is Russia interacting with the rest of the world?

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A Democratic Revolution in the Middle East?

Can democracy gain a sustained foothold in the Middle East?

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Ukraine: Russia's Day After

Can the West help Russia adapt to new realities?

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