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Mr. Johnson, What Will the UK Do on Russia?

How serious is the UK government’s determination to act very firmly against Russian business interests in view of Putin’s constant transgressions?

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Middle East: How Refugees, Shantytowns and Sanctions Imperil Global Public Health

Syria’s announcement of its first COVID-19 case highlights the public health threat posed by war zones that produce millions of refugees and displaced persons.

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China: Standing Up to US on Iran

Chinese purchases of Iranian oil raise tantalizing questions.

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Is Saudi Arabia Getting Unmoored?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is showing traits which Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had previously put on display.

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Germany and Russia: A Reset?

There are signs of the beginning of a reset in German relations with Russia. But serious impediments to a pragmatic relationship remain.

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Welcome to a New Kind of War

Russia is indeed at war with the Western alliance, one that it has unilaterally unleashed.

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How Big Is the Turkish Contagion Risk for Emerging Markets?

Contagion from the Turkish crisis to other emerging markets is not widespread.

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Options for Turkey

What the Erdogan government must do if it wants to avoid a “cold Turkey” economic shock.

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Turkey’s Economic Crisis: Does It Matter for the Eurozone?

A deep Turkish recession could lead to more migrants leaving Turkey for the EU. Currently more than three million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey.

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U.S. Sanctions on Turkish Ministers Require Recalibration

Additional designations of Erdogan’s cronies would hurt the Turkish strongman’s warchest.

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