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The United States as Number 2?

The Republican Party is utterly unprepared for the hard realities of relative U.S. decline vis-à-vis China.

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The Greatest Competitive Threat of Our Time

What factors will determine the globalized world’s next great power?

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“General” Chris Patten Speaks

How does outgoing EU Commissioner Chris Patten view U.S.-EU relations?

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Should We Trust China?

Should China's recent economic growth and moves toward banking reform concern or reassure Westerners?

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Kids Packing Bags For the Empire?

What kind of future is the U.S. education system preparing young Americans for?

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The Multipolar World Vs. The Superpower

Is U.S. unilateralism a reality — or just a belief that U.S. strategists are trying to sell to the rest of the world?

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Prepared To Be a Superpower?

What can de done to overcome the global “knowledge gap” that hinders the United States severely in its global ambitions – and responsibilities?

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