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Britain’s Brown

Will a Gordon Brown premiership of Great Britain be worth the ten-year wait?

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Reviewing Tony Blair

As he prepares to leave 10 Downing Street, what is the world saying about Tony Blair’s legacy?

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The Sarkozy Moment: The United States and France

Has the G-8 summit given the Bush Administration a unique opportunity to repair its relations with France?

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Why Nobody Cares About Iraq

Are most countries involved in Iraq acting solely out of self-interest?

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Europe and the Battle for France

How will the outcome of France’s presidential election resonate in Europe — and beyond?

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Bernard-Henri Lévy — Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville

How do Bernard-Henri Lévy’s observations of American life compare with those of de Tocqueville?

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Bernard-Henri Lévy — The Public Intellectual Past His Prime

What does life in the United States look like through the eyes of a modern French intellectual?

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Tony Blair on the New Europe

What is the British perspective on the future of the EU?

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Tony Blair on Globalization

Can Tony Blair push traditionally stoic Britain full-force into globalization?

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The Road to Europe’s Future

Can the European public regain confidence in its leaders and eventually its institutions?

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